5 Ways to Promote Your Business During COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has hit small businesses hard. In Southern California, small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. Nearly 80% of all jobs created in the state over the past decade were in low-end service businesses. Now, almost 90% of companies say they have been severely affected by the pandemic, and half have seen their revenues fall by at least 50%.

Many of the businesses that are struggling were forced to close during the lockdown because they weren’t deemed essential. Other companies have lost significant sales and profits as people have turned away from their services.

Small businesses have had to make some significant changes to promote their offerings. In a recent Nola.com podcast episode, local shop owner Bill Floyd discusses the changes he has made to his quick lube shop, Lucas Oil Center, to survive this crisis. It’s a great listen for any business owner. Here are a few of the main takeaways you might want to try for your own business.

  • Be aware of your customer’s needs. Bill shares how one of the first things he focused on was the health and safety of his employees and customers by putting into place proper sanitation and health practices. Then he made sure to promote what he was doing to his customers and employees. One specific example he shared was his point of sale system. Many of his customers expressed that they felt uncomfortable scanning a credit or debit card at the machine, so he made sure to offer touchless payment transactions. It helped bring peace of mind to his customers and showed them that he cared about their health and safety.
  • Be transparent with employees. Bill’s business has been affected by the pandemic, and that has had severe economic consequences. He’s done his best to mitigate the damage by looking for ways to cut back his budget and expenses but sacrifices still had to be made. Many of his employee’s hours had to be cut back, as well as store hours to reduce costs and to keep everyone safe. Throughout this challenging process, Bill stressed that he has tried to be as transparent as possible with his team. It hasn’t been easy, but his transparency has helped his team understand why these changes were necessary for his business.
  • Show the value of what you do. As a quick lube business, Bill struggled at the beginning of the pandemic because his company wasn’t declared an essential business. The closure was tough as Bill felt that making sure his customers had reliable service for their vehicles was necessary. He worked hard to showcase to his customers how essential proper vehicle maintenance is and the value of the service he offers. Using social media to promote his business has been a crucial part of his strategy. If your business is struggling, it may be an opportunity to focus on the value that you can offer customers. Use social media platforms to educate your customers on what you do and why they need your services. Everyone is tightening their belts right now as the economic consequences of COVID-19 continue to take a toll. You have to make sure that your customers think your services are worth it. Make sure you also use social media to promote any changes your business may be experiencing, such as a change in hours or the need for customers to wear cloth facial coverings.
  • Look for help. There is help to be found if your business is struggling. Research available government assistance programs or talk to your financial institution if your business is struggling to make ends meet. There is no shame in asking for some help during these unprecedented times. Seeking assistance may be the thing that makes the difference between your business staying open or having to close. Do everything you can to keep the lights on.
  • Be creative. No one knows how long this pandemic will continue or what the long-term effects of it may be. We do know that how we interact with one another is changing. Contactless options and online sales may be here to stay for a while yet. Customers are changing their habits, and we can’t expect to go back to the way things were before. Bill has found that being creative and willing to try new things is a vital part of pivoting your business during this crisis. If you work hard, you may just find that there are opportunities for your business to succeed in different ways. Be willing to try new ways of doing things, offer promotions to your customers and new services.

As a family-owned business for over fifty years, we’ve seen a lot of changes and difficulties. The crisis facing our community now is one of the most difficult. As a community, we need to band together to support local businesses so that they can survive this difficult time.

Many of our customers are small and family-owned businesses that support the local economy. We would hate to see them close. If your business is struggling, try some of these tips. If you are fortunate to be surviving this crisis, do your part to support the community by shopping local and promoting your favorite local businesses to family and friends. Together we can make it through this.

Don't let your engine overheat, try Chevron's Delo coolants!

Summer is in full swing, and so is working in the heat. We hope that you and your crew are staying safe during this hot weather. It is easy to overheat, and that can lead to sunstroke and illness. Take proper precautions, drink plenty of water and try to find some shade when you have a break.

Your crew isn’t the only thing you have to worry about breaking down in the summer heat. Your vehicle fleet is also susceptible to mechanical failures and overheating. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are using a suitable coolant to keep your vehicles and equipment in good order. Make sure to choose the right coolant for your engine type, especially if your equipment has a CAB brazed aluminum radiator.

CAB brazed aluminum is a relatively common component of vehicle and equipment manufacturing today. More and more vehicles are being built using aluminum because it’s lighter, which can help improve mileage. The problem is that aluminum is a weaker metal, so joints are often weak. CAB brazing was introduced to help counteract this problem. Brazing is a type of welding. The process of CAB brazing uses a chemical agent or a flux to clean the metal before the brazing occurs. This process helps provide superior joint strength even with weaker metals like aluminum.

The problem many fleet managers face is that radiators in their vehicles produce using CAB brazing and are often susceptible to a few issues. The chemical agent used during the brazing process interacts with the coolant. This chemical reaction only occurs on the inside of the radiator as the external components exposed to air naturally become oxidized and form a protective coating. This process can lead to a few issues, including:

  • Incompatibility with coolants: Coolants that are introduced with the radiator will react with the unoxidized aluminum, especially if they contain nitrates. This reaction can cause a breakdown of the coolant, and it will not perform as needed.
  • pH changes: Another issue that can occur is a lower or higher pH level in the coolant. pH changes in your coolant can cause corrosion and equipment damage.
  • Formation of deposits: The interaction between the coolant and the aluminum can also cause the formation of deposits. These deposits, especially in tight areas like the radiator, can clog the system and cause equipment failure.
  • Formation of ammonia:The chemical reaction between the coolant and the aluminum can also create ammonia. It will cause a sour smell in the engine and lead to damage.

These are just a few of the issues that can occur in an engine with a CAB brazed aluminum radiator. Luckily, we know how you can prevent these issues from occurring in your fleet. We recommend Chevron’s Delo® ELC Advanced Coolants.

Chevron Delo® ELC Advanced coolants are designed to address the issues that come with CAB brazed aluminum and coolant use. It offers superior aluminum protection even during high temperatures, better pH stability and helps prevent gel or deposit formation so that you can get optimal cooling system performance. This coolant is approved for use in a variety of fleet equipment.

High temperatures can wreak havoc on an engine. Many fleet managers have attempted to solve the problem of overheating in their equipment with CAB brazed aluminum radiators using a variety of methods such as replacing the radiator with something more compatible or treating the equipment with a conditioner to protect the aluminum. Chevron solved this problem by creating a coolant that works with aluminum and protects against damage. Try the Delo® Advanced ELC coolant in your equipment this summer. It will keep your engine cool and protected in the seasonal heat.

Summer heat isn’t the only reason you may experience equipment breakdowns. We’ve worked with many different fleets over the years, supplying them with the fluids and fuel they need to perform. We know what works best for a variety of conditions and types of equipment. If your fleet is facing a particular problem, let our order team know. We will help you find the appropriate fluids to help fix the problem. Don’t waste time on equipment breakdowns and maintenance during the busy summer season. Let us help you keep your fleet moving!

Help Us Clear the Shelters in Kern County

Once again, the City of Bakersfield Animal Care Center is teaming up with KGET 17 NBC to find loving homes for pets in need with the Clear the Shelters pet adoption campaign. We are proud to announce we are a supporter of the cause and hope you help us bring a little happy to our community!

To help individuals and communities continue to practice safe social distancing measures, the month-long “Adopt & Donate” effort will feature virtual pet adoptions and make it easy for people to donate online to participating shelters and rescues. The process will be simple. Pick your pet, fill out the application, then once you are approved, they will arrange a time to come pick up your pet. So join the online party and help us Clear the Shelters!

The campaign runs from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31, 2020. Help us find forever homes for animals in need!