Save your DPF filter with Delo® 600 ADF 15W-40

As a fuel and lubricant supplier and proud Chevron supplier, we’ve shared information about various Chevron products, including the Delo® 600 ADF 15W-40 oil. This oil is recommended for Tier IV Final, 2017 greenhouse gas-compliant, turbocharged four-stroke engines. Many engines that benefit from this oil are heavy-duty trucks, construction and farm equipment, and long-haul rigs. These machines are the backbone of businesses and our economy.

During his presidency, Barack Obama issued new greenhouse gas emissions and fuel standards for medium and heavy-duty trucks manufactured between 2014-2018. The plan for these new standards is to reduce CO2 emissions by 270 million tons and save 530 million barrels of oil over the vehicle’s life. The estimated fuel savings are calculated to be nearly $50 billion over time. You can learn more about these standards in this video here.

These standards required innovations from the industry and new engine technologies. One of the developments was changes to the diesel particulate filter (DPF). In a previous blog you can view here, we shared how the DPF filter works. From that blog, “Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) reduce emissions by collecting and storing up to 98% of incombustible particles. The ash and soot collected by the DPF clog up in the filter until the engines initiate a process to burn it off in a process known as a regen. Using high temperatures, this process burns off the soot, which wastes more fuel, decreases fuel economy, and can lead to increased equipment downtime. The soot may burn off, but the ash remains. When the DPF is heavily clogged, it must be removed, cleaned, repaired, or even replaced.”

DPF filters are a significant source of concern for business owners. We want to share the experience Chevron client Capital City Leasing had using Delo® 600 ADF 15W40. Capital City Leasing is headquartered in Nashville, TN. They are a transportation and distribution company. Their fleet has more than 1,255 tractors and 3,586 trailers, and they transport everything from dairy products to building supplies. The company performs its own vehicle maintenance and provides maintenance services to the public.

Steve O’Neal, president of Capital City Leasing, began his career as a diesel technician and then worked his way up through the industry in different transportation companies. He’s been with Capital City Leasing since 2015. For the past eight years, the company has used Chevron products and seen great results. They’ve been able to reduce breakdowns and mechanical downtime.

They began using Delo® 600 ADF 15W40 on their trucks on a trial basis in the hopes that it would reduce clogging and DPF filter maintenance time. Here’s what O’Neal had to say about the experience: “In addition to ash reduction in the DPF, our first trial saw wear rates on the iron, copper, and everything drop dramatically. We’re looking at the oil sample after 35,000 miles, and the oil is in super shape. So now we’re pushing out our oil drain intervals because the wear rate is unbelievable, and that means cost savings and confidence in our ability.”

Capital City Leasing’s experience making the switch is a typical result that you can expect. As a lubricant supplier, we’ve worked with many businesses similar to Capital City Leasing. When we recommend Delo® 600 ADF 15W40, they start to see the results quickly. Companies can reduce DPF filter maintenance, extend drain intervals, and improve fuel economy using this oil.

How does the oil do it? What makes it stand apart? Here are a few of the features:

  • Chevron ISOCLEAN Certified, so you can trust that the oil is clean and ready to use right from the start.
  • Increased deposit control and turbocharger protection. This oil formula features increased oxidation performance and detergent and dispersant additives that provide exceptional component protection.
  • High levels of ashless dispersants that keep fuel soot from clogging in the filter.
  • Anti-wear additives that protect against valve wear.
  • Easy flow at low temperatures and film protection in hot engine areas and high temperatures.
  • Defoaming additives that protect against air entrainment.
  • Increased emission control service intervals. Users have reported going twice as long before servicing their DPF filters.

We love the Delo® 600 ADF 15W40. It’s one of our top products and one that we always recommend to our customers. If your business is serious about meeting emission standards, saving fuel, and reducing maintenance downtime, we can’t recommend this oil enough. If you’re ready to give it a try, please contact our order team, and we’ll make sure that it’s right for you.

Once you’re ready to make the switch to Delo 600® ADF 15W40, we hope you will also consider signing up for our LubeWatch Oil Analysis program. This program, from Chevron, is a great way to accurately see what a difference the Delo® 600 ADF 15W40 will make. Under this program, you will learn how to properly take oil samples, read your oil sample report, and implement the custom recommendations from your oil analysis results. Our customers who utilize this program can customize their maintenance schedules and drain intervals to their exact needs. They’re able to accurately see what oil and lubricant supplies they need for their equipment, based on how they use it. It’s a great way to get the most out of your lubricant budget. We highly recommend this program to all our customers.

The Capital City Leasing company quickly saw the value of switching to Chevron products and the Delo® 600 ADF 15W40. As a large transportation company with various fleet needs, they used this product to save time on equipment repairs and money on their lubricant needs. President of Capital City Leasing, Steve O’Neal, said it best “We have no intention of switching from Delo. We’re very happy with the products.” If you want the same peace of mind and savings for your company, we recommend that you make the switch today. Call our team to get started!

Manage Your Fleet Like Never Before

Our CFN fleet fueling program brings you the most advanced controls and more than 57,000 sites, including retail for convenience and truck stops for over the road.

The fleet fueling program is tailored to meet your requirements, with great tools to help you find the locations your drivers need with a site locator app as well as 24/7 access to your account whenever you need it – no matter what time of day.

Manage your fueling account, track vital information, manage cards and view transactions via our online portal. You can also set up an exception report by card and/or account that will allow you to set the following:

  • Time Restrictions: day of week or time of day profile restrictions.
  • Gallon Restrictions: gallons per use or gallons per day/week.
  • Product Restrictions: only allowed products accepted per card.
  • Manual Entry: additional point of entry at pump (i.e. job or equipment number)
  • Unusual Activity Alerts: anything outside of normal purchase history.
  • Card Restrictions: set restrictions to a specific card or individual driver.
  • State Restriction: select authorized states for fueling.
  • Extended Network Lockout: to make sure your drivers are using the best priced stations.

For more information on how to manage your fleet like never before, contact us today!

Delo 600 LubeWatch Offer Extended Thru End of Year

It's official! The Chevron Delo 600 LubeWatch promotion has been extended through December 31, 2021. Purchasers of Delo 600 ADF diesel engine oils can get free fluid analysis testing and lubrication performance reviews through the LubeWatch Oil Analysis Program through the end of the year! This promotion description outlines the tests that are performed as part of the extended offering.

LubeWatch performance reviews provide detailed technical trending analysis and consultations by a Chevron lubes expert. In developing Delo 600 ADF, Chevron's focus has been on the diesel particulate filter (DPF), which collects up to 98% of particulate matter emissions in the form of ash and soot, leading to a significant amount of clogging. Delo 600 ADF is the first ultra low-ash, heavy duty engine oil that reduces the sulfate ash content of a typical CK-4 oil by 60%. The all-encompassing protection helps drastically reduce the rate of DPF clogging to deliver extended DPF service life and industry-redefining fuel economy retention.

This promotion, along with the Delo 600 ADF Kick Some Ash rebate, is a great way for you to trial the new product!

Get Organized with The SmartFill Label Program

Do you feel like your Lube Room could be better organized? If so, we have just the program for you!

The SmartFill Label program is designed to ensure the correct Chevron lubricant is used in the right piece of equipment and in the proper location. The simple and easy-to-use, icon based, color-coded identification system helps increase operating efficiency and helps eliminate room for error by using incorrect products.

Benefits of using SmartFill labels include:

  • Help reduce risk of mixing incompatible lubricants
  • Help remove opportunity for human error
  • Simplify maintenance tasks
  • Protect your assets

SmartFill labels are available for many Chevron, Delo, Ursa and ISOCLEAN Certified lubricants. Each label is printed with fade-resistant, UV-rated dye on a non-melt material and will apply to most metal, plastic and fiberglass surfaces. All labels are available in two sizes – Fill Point (3” x 5”) and Bulk/Tank (7 1/2” x 8”).

To get started, visit the Chevron Signage and Merchandise Center at to order your SmartFill labels to protect your valuable equipment and contact us for your very own customizable SmartFill Lube Room Chart template!

Are you ready to try the Lubewatch® oil analysis program?

As a fuel and lubricant supplier, we know that regular oil analysis can be a great way to stay on top of maintenance issues, extend drain intervals, prevent costly maintenance, and equipment downtime. We’ve worked with many of our customers over the years to implement oil analysis programs and the recommendations from the analysis results. Customers who have done this have even seen direct results that have improved their equipment runtime and cut back on maintenance issues.

The Chevron Oil analysis program, Lubewatch®, is the next step you can take to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. This unique program uses regular oil analysis to extended equipment life, optimize drain and replacement intervals, and understand your lubrication needs.

Lubewatch offers some unique benefits, including:

  • Six basic test packages, as well as a variety of specialized testing procedures
  • Accurate and reliable test results and interpretations with actionable recommendations
  • 24-hour test and analysis turnaround (some cases may vary)
  • Advanced technical testing, including component failure and particle analysis
  • Advanced training and in-field support
  • Cost-effective standard and specialty testing

The six basic testing packages offered as part of the Lubewatch® program are:

  • Basic Lubrication: This package offers elemental metals testing, checking for water percentages, and viscosity testing.
  • Diesel Crankcase: This package also includes fuel dilution percentages, fuel soot percentages, oxidation, and base number testing.
  • Basic Industrial/Natural Gas Testing: This package does not include fuel dilution or soot testing but includes oxidation, nitration, and pH level testing.
  • Industrial Oils: The industrial oils package includes elemental metals testing, water percentages using the Karl Fisher method, viscosity, oxidation, and nitration testing. There is an option to include particle count testing as well.
  • Metal Working fluids: This package includes elemental analysis, water percentages using the Karl Fisher method, viscosity, chlorine, sulfur, and fat percentage testing.
  • Turbine oils: This package includes elemental analysis, water percentages using the Karl Fisher method, viscosity, oxidation, nitration, particle counting, water separability, and RPVOT.

The Lubewatch® program also includes specialty testing, including coolant analysis test packages. You can find out more information here and even get a free testing kit!

All these different testing options show what you can use the Lubewatch® program to test for, but why do you need it? How can it help your business? Let’s work through some of the statistics that show how valuable this program can be. These statistics are taken from a 2015 POLARIS OUTLOOK Benchmark study for the oil analysis industry.

  • 80% of oil analysis program users maximize equipment uptime through the use of oil analysis. An oil analysis program doesn’t just help you avoid equipment downtime and maintenance. It also helps you run your equipment more efficiently. Using this program, you’ll be able to maximize your equipment usage, get more work done and increase your profits!
  • 77% of oil analysis program users find that using information from test results improves their maintenance programs. Regular oil analysis testing is a proactive maintenance tool that helps improve your overall equipment care. If you are regularly testing your equipment and following through with the testing recommendations, your maintenance team will be able to stave off potential issues, pinpoint problems faster, and keep your equipment running longer.
  • 69% of oil analysis program users use oil analysis test results to increase oil drain intervals. Extending drain intervals is a great way to get the most out of your equipment and lubrication budget. Using the accurate testing results, your maintenance team will be able to set up a drain interval schedule that is exactly suited to your equipment needs, based on how you use your equipment. You can extend the time between services, get more work done, cut back on oil and lubrication waste and reduce your lubrication budget!
  • 80% of oil analysis program users report that scheduled downtime saves money compared to unexpected equipment failures. This is the big one for many of our clients. By proactively scheduling preventative maintenance, they have avoided surprise equipment failures that throw of project deadlines and incur extra costs. Taking care of your equipment now will save you costly repair and maintenance when you need your equipment most.

Implementing an oil analysis program like Lubewatch® may seem intimidating at first. It takes time to learn how to properly sample your equipment, learn how to read your test results, and follow through on the testing recommendations. We’re here to teach you what you need to know. We’ll start first with a few sampling basics.

  • The most important part of establishing a sampling process for your equipment is to make sure that your samples are consistently taken each time. You want to make sure the sample comes from the same place, at the same time, and in the same conditions whenever possible.
  • Sampling is best done while the equipment is operating or immediately after shutdown. You want to make sure the equipment is at operating temperature to ensure exact results.
  • Always note the environmental factors when taking a sample. The conditions your machinery operates in will significantly affect the results.

These are just a few of the basic sampling principles we’ve learned. If you’re ready to start an oil analysis program, we’re here to help you get started. As a lubricant supplier, we know that investing in a preventative program like this may seem like an unnecessary expense. We promise that it’s not.

The return on investment your business receives with the Lubewatch® program will save you money and time, especially long term. Using trend analysis, you’ll be able to monitor your test results and data. That will help you see how the Lubewatch® keeps your equipment in good shape, increases your productivity, reduces downtime and equipment failure, and increases your company profits.

If you’re serious about keeping your equipment in tip-top shape, we cannot recommend a better investment than the Chevron Lubewatch® program.