Coolant Price Increase Effective November 19th

Major lubricant suppliers have announced a coolant price increase of all concentrated and diluted products up to 5% due to increasing costs of raw materials impacting the manufacturing of products. In certain instances, specific products may increase in amounts that are outside of this range.

Chevron, one of our major antifreeze and coolant manufacturers, announced that this price movement will be effective on November 19, 2018.

Competitor manufacturers such as Shell, announced it’s 5% coolant price increase will be effective November 30th, citing raw materials, glycol and market dynamics as the primary cause of this increase. Prestone and Old World’s price increase is already in effect as of October 15th.

We encourage you to place your antifreeze and coolant orders as early as possible to benefit from our current price levels, which allows us to meet your needs and requests in as timely a manner as possible.

We understand the impact of this news and how it may affect your business. We will strive to support your business by creating a plan to manage the price increases the best way possible. Greg's Petroleum Service strives to deliver quality products at affordable prices. For questions on how price increases across the industry may impact you, please contact us today.