Lubricant Price Increases Effective Soon

As you may have already heard, many of the major lubricant manufacturers have announced a lubricant price increase, including two of our major suppliers, Chevron Lubricants and Valvoline. They notified marketers of a general price increase on branded and unbranded lubricants and greases. The increases will be effective May 29, 2019 for Chevron and June 1, 2019 for Valvoline. Suppliers attribute the increase to the higher cost of raw materials.

Another major, Sinclair Lubricants, also announced a price increase that will be effective May 1, 2019.

Shortly after, other majors including ExxonMobil and Shell, announced a general increase of on all its lubricating oils and greases. The increase will be effective May 29, 2019.

Most recently, Petro-Canada advised its US lubricant marketers that the prices for its process oils, Purity FG White Oils, and finished products will increase. The increase will be effective May 7, 2019.

Greg's Petroleum Service strives to deliver quality products at affordable prices. For questions on how price increases across the industry may impact you, please contact your sales representative.