Diesel Supply Service

For more than sixty years businesses have relied on Greg’s Petroleum Service for prompt delivery of high-quality diesel fuel at competitive prices. Greg’s Petroleum Service has the experience to help you overcome challenges and provide exceptional service, with sales representatives readily available to answer questions and offer assistance. You can count on Greg’s Petroleum Service for quality products, fast, efficient delivery, inventory management solutions, and more!

Greg’s Petroleum Service offers various types of on road and off-road diesel fuel, including Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and winterized diesel. We offer diesel supply service to customers in the agriculture, retail, transportation, and oil production industries.

Bulk Diesel Fuel

We understand how vital diesel is to the successful operations of many companies. We deliver high quality on and off-road diesel fuel at competitive prices.

Renewable & Biodiesel

We are proud to offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to standard diesel products that will significantly reduce carbon footprint, providing fewer and cleaner emissions.

For more information on our diesel supply service options, please contact us or check our Commercial Fuel Delivery page.