RD99 Renewable Diesel

RD 99 dyed and RD 99 clear

At Greg’s Petroleum Service, we are proud to lead the charge towards sustainable energy solutions by offering renewable diesel in both dyed and clear forms. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction drives us to provide innovative fuel options that meet the evolving needs of our community.

At our Bakersfield cardlock location, we’re proud to offer a game-changing solution in the form of dyed renewable diesel (RD 99) right at the pumps. Moreover, our storage tank facilitates the delivery of both clear and dyed Renewable Diesel (RD 99 dyed and RD 99 clear) in any quantity. Renewable diesel, renowned for its environmental benefits and superior performance, is revolutionizing the fuel industry.

RD99 Renewable Diesel

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What Sets Renewable Diesel (RD 99) Apart?

Renewable Diesel 99 (RD 99) stands out for its unparalleled advantages, including:

Enhanced Vehicle Performance

RD 99 improves engine performance and power output, offering a smoother and more efficient driving experience compared to traditional diesel.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With its cleaner combustion properties, RD 99 helps reduce engine wear and tear, leading to lower maintenance costs and longer engine life.

Cleaner Burning

RD 99 produces fewer emissions during combustion, contributing to cleaner air quality and reduced environmental impact.

Odor-Free Operation

Unlike conventional diesel, RD 99 burns cleanly and without the unpleasant odors associated with fossil fuels, providing a more pleasant driving experience for operators and passengers alike.

Why Choose Renewable Diesel?

Renewable diesel is the fuel of the future, offering a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels while delivering superior performance and environmental benefits. By choosing RD 99 from Greg’s Petroleum Service, drivers (and businesses) can enjoy a cleaner, greener fuel solution without compromising on power or efficiency.

Applications and Availability

RD 99 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Commercial Fleets: Improve the performance and reliability of your fleet vehicles with renewable diesel (RD 99 clear), while reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Construction Equipment: Power your construction machinery with renewable diesel (RD 99 dyed) for cleaner emissions and enhanced operational efficiency on the job site
  • Agricultural Machinery: Opt for renewable diesel (RD 99 dyed) to fuel your agricultural equipment, promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship in farming operations
Clear vs. Dyed Renewable Diesel: Choosing the Right Option

At Greg’s Petroleum Service, we understand that customers have diverse needs and requirements when it comes to renewable diesel. That’s why we offer both clear and dyed options, each serving distinct purposes and applications.

Clear Renewable Diesel (RD 99 Clear)

Clear renewable diesel, also known as RD 99 Clear, is a high-quality fuel suitable for a wide range of on-road applications, including commercial fleets, passenger vehicles, and transportation services. RD 99 Clear offers all the benefits of renewable diesel while meeting stringent emissions standards and performance requirements.

Dyed Renewable Diesel (RD 99 Dyed)

Dyed renewable diesel, or RD 99 Dyed, is specifically formulated for off-road equipment and machinery used in agricultural, construction, and industrial settings. This fuel is dyed for easy identification and compliance with off-road mandates for diesel fuel.

RD99 Renewable Diesel

Off-Road Mandate for Diesel Fuel

In many jurisdictions, there are regulations mandating the use of dyed diesel fuel for off-road equipment and machinery. These mandates aim to differentiate between on-road and off-road diesel usage, ensuring proper taxation and compliance with environmental regulations.

Choosing the Right Fuel for Your Needs

When selecting between clear and dyed renewable diesel, consider the following factors:

  • On-Road vs. Off-Road Usage: Determine whether your equipment operates primarily on-road or off-road to choose the appropriate fuel option
  • Compliance Requirements: Ensure compliance with local regulations and mandates regarding the use of dyed diesel for off-road applications

  • Environmental Considerations: Embrace the environmental benefits of renewable diesel, regardless of whether you choose clear or dyed fuel.

At Greg’s Petroleum Service, we’re committed to providing innovative fuel solutions that meet the needs of our customers while promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. With renewable diesel (RD 99), you can enjoy better vehicle performance, reduced maintenance costs, cleaner burning, and odor-free operation—all while contributing to a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.