Oil Analysis

Avoid unnecessary, costly problems and increase equipment life.

Greg’s Petroleum Service provides comprehensive oil analysis through Chevron LubeWatch Oil Analysis Program. This preventative maintenance program provides customers with advanced and accurate test results, detailed data reports, and maintenance consulting. Tests specifically analyze things such as viscosity, breakdown, contamination, wear metals, coolants, and more. Oil analysis will help you avoid unnecessary, costly problems by identifying lubricant-related needs and increasing the life of your equipment.

The LubeWatch Oil Analysis program provides:

  • Accurate test results on six basic test packages and a wide variety of specialized testing procedures

  • Reliable interpretation of test results and actionable recommendations based on the data

  • Advanced technical services including component failure and/or wear particle analysis

  • Expert training and in-field counsel and support

  • Cost-effective standard and specialty tests

  • Added assurance of oil and system integrity when running on an extended oil drain interval program

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Maintenance Facts


The percentage of heavy industry oil analysis users who expect to increase their use of monitoring techniques like oil analysis over the next 3 years.


The percentage of large industrial plants in the US that use oil analysis as a diagnostic tool on their equipment.


The percentage of a typical industrial budget that goes toward lubricant costs. Yet, lubricant-related downtime case cost over 50% of a total budget.

The LubeWatch Oil Analysis Program User Guide and Overview:

Fluid Analysis Program User Guide

Fluid Analysis Program Overview

The LubeWatch Oil Analysis Process

Submitting oil or other lubricants for LubeWatch® oil analysis is simple.

#1 – Contact your Greg’s Petroleum Service representative and we will set up your account, get your equipment list and send a sampling kit to you.

#2 – After pulling a sample, simply send it back with complete sample information to the lab in the pre-addressed LubeWatch® mailing container or give it back to your Greg’s Petroleum Service representative.

#3 – Wait for results! Most sample tests will be completed within 24 hours of receipt. You can receive results immediately via phone, fax, or e-mail. Mailed analysis results can be returned within a maximum of five working days.

For more information on how Greg’s Petroleum Service and Chevron LubeWatch Oil Analysis Program can help you better run your business, please check out Chevron Lubricants, Polaris Laboratories, and contact us for more information.