Food Grade Lubricants


Greg’s Petroleum Service offers FUCHS LUBRITECH’s extensive range of food grade lubricants, providing the user a wide choice of CASSIDA branded products for lifetime and total loss lubrication. In addition to mineral-oil-based fluids, a very diverse selection of synthetic lubricating fluids are available for a wide range of applications in the food and beverage industry.

These high-performance food grade lubricants enable the efficient operation of demanding production and manufacturing processes, a higher degree of utilization of machines, and a reduction in maintenance. FUCHS LUBRITECH researches constantly to increase performance and offer optimum lubricating fluids for maximum safety in food grade applications.

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Reduce Costs with Auto-Lubrication

Implement an auto-lubrication system to reduce the risk of lubrication-related outages, maintenance costs and optimize performance.

Lubricant dispensers act as controlled lubricant sources. They supply a defined amount of lubricating grease or oil to a lubrication point at regular intervals. This helps keep your production equipment up and running. You can also use automatic lubricant dispensers to optimize the quantity of lubricant applied. This ensures that lubrication is both efficient and that friction points are continuously supplied with sufficient lubricant.

The result: With the appropriate lubricant dispenser and lubricant amounts individually adjusted to your application, you avoid the risks of both over and under lubrication. The lubrication point receives the optimal amount of lubricant and is also protected against environmental factors such as dust, dirt and moisture. You can also significantly improve occupational safety by reducing maintenance activities in hazardous areas to the minimum necessary.

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