Retail Fuel Branding

Gas Station Franchise Opportunities

Gas Station Franchise Opportunities

If you own or are thinking of opening a Chevron® or Shell® gas station franchise in Kern and Tulare Counties, we offer a variety of services and products to help you streamline processes and increase efficiency to maximize your profits. In addition to delivering high-quality major brands and unbranded fuels, we can help you with turnkey start-up operations and inventory management. Working with you and your team, we can help identify the best operations and marketing solutions for your gas station franchise.

We’ve Got The Experience You Need

We’ve Got The Experience You Need

We started in the Chevron gas station franchise business back in 1985, supplying fuel for the Famoso Chevron® station. In 1998, we opened our first Chevron® gas station franchise on County Line Road in Delano, California. Our second location was opened in 2012 in Shafter, California. In addition to our owned locations, we serve multiple other stations throughout the Kern and Tulare counties. In 2022, we added the prestige Shell® brand to our portfolio of retail fuel branding opportunities we offer. Over the years, we have developed an understanding of what it takes to open and operate a branded station.

Become Part of an Iconic Brand

Become Part of an Iconic Brand

Did you know that we can brand Chevron®, Texaco® and Shell® service stations? All offer unsurpassed brand recognition, an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and a higher standard of doing business. So whether you’re building a new gas station franchise, buying an existing station, or looking for a different brand, we can provide you with the expertise and resources needed to help you succeed. We have trained customer service representatives that help with all things retail; from keeping your store up to image, to fuel pricing, repairs, and  finding the right suppliers.

Branded Fuel

Branded Fuel

Choosing the right gasoline supplier for your station is a crucial decision. With rising competition and shrinking differentiation among most suppliers, representing an engaging and likable brand such as Chevron® or Shell® helps your business stand out. In addition, offering quality products that people trust can help provide an even larger competitive edge.

Owned Locations

County Line Chevron

Shafter Station

836 Central Valley Hwy
Shafter, CA 93263
(661) 746-3000 M-T 4:30am-10pm; F-S 4:30am-11:30am; Sun 6am-10pm

Greg’s Petroleum Served Locations

Big B’s

The Chevron Barn

Famoso Gas Station

Galleria Chevron

JSKL Corp-Farmersville Minute Market

Kerman Carwash

Lerdo Chevron, Inc.

Pine Ridge Chevron

Big B’s #2

Valley Fuel Travel Plaza

Crossroads Shell

Mountain Mesa Shell