Protect your Allison transmission by switching to Delo® SYN ATF 668

It's the early morning hours. The sun is starting to creep up over the horizon, and the air is so cold you can see your breath. Frost covers the windows, and your hands are chilled as you shove them into your pockets walking to the bus. You open the door, climb in and insert the key, pressing down the fuel pedal as you do. The engine whines then putters and emits a terrible cough as the engine fires, but nothing catches. You try again and again, but nothing happens. The cold air is too much for the diesel engine, and today the school bus will be late.

Situations like this happen across the country when the weather starts to get colder. Diesel engines can have a hard time starting in the cold weather. We rely on many large vehicles like school buses, transit vehicles, tractors, semi-trucks, and heavy-duty equipment for work and transport. The last thing that we need on a cold day is for one of these diesel workhorses to be out of commission.

Allison transmissions require the best lubrication fluids
Many of these larger vehicles have Allison transmissions. Special engine equipment like an Allison transmission requires the very best engine oils to run smoothly. These engine oils help fleet managers and drivers avoid equipment breakdowns and maintenance for as long as possible. Vehicles that have an Allison transmission are workhorses. They’re the school buses, transit vehicles, and work vehicles that we need every single day. The longer we can keep these vehicles on the road and running safely, the better.

Delo® SYN ATF 668 Synthetic Transmission Fluid
That’s why Chevron has developed the Delo® SYN ATF 668 synthetic transmission fluid, specifically for Allison heavy-duty automatic truck and bus transmissions. This new fluid formula provides exceptional anti-wear protection, more effortless shifting, better clutch operation, and increased durability in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.
The Delo® SYN ATF 668 is available for on-highway use and for all vehicles that use Allison TES -668® fluid and is backward compatible with Allison TES-295® and TES-389®. This fluid is designed for severe duty and extended drain intervals and will replace Cognis Emgard 2805. So, what is about the Delo® SYN ATF 668 fluid that makes it so great? Let’s dig a little deeper. Delo® SYN ATF 668 offers a host of protective features, including:

  • Extended anti-shudder durability: This transmission fluid improves durability, reduces engine maintenance, and prolongs equipment life. It helps to prevent friction deterioration by decreasing vibrations for better driveability.
  • Extended clutch friction durability: One way this fluid helps prevent friction degradation is by improving shift performance. The friction durability tests showed a consistent mid-point torque in the use of industrial transmissions over time and a low-speed endpoint torque during gear changes.
  • Improved oxidation performance during extended drain intervals: This formula contains antioxidants that help prevent oxidation even with extended drain intervals, which will enhance your engine life and reduce equipment maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Increased gear protection: Delo® designed this formula to help prolong transmission lifespan by protecting gears while they’re moving. The anti-wear protection offered by this formula provides increased protection, even after three higher load stages.

Make the switch
Now that you know all of the benefits of the new Delo® SYN ATF 668 synthetic transmission fluid let’s talk about making the change. Since the transmission fluid is approved for Allison Transmission TES 668, Tes 295, and TES 389, you don’t have to worry about voiding your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) warranty if you decide to make the switch. If anything, you’ll get a better return on the investment on your OEM warranty because your equipment will last longer!

Please remember that Allison has recommended that all current TES 295 or 389 fluid users make this change. You can even make the switch in between transmission fluid cycles. Delo® SYN ATF 668 is approved to mix with these transmission fluids and for the same drain intervals. So you can still use up the stock of transmission fluid you have left before you make the switch to Delo®.

Follow proper storage and handling practices
If you’re ready to try this new formula, give our ordering team a call. We’ll evaluate your equipment needs and get it ordered for you. Once you receive your order, please make sure to follow proper storage and handling practices, including:

  • Storing the product in a cool, dry indoor area. The ideal storage temperature range should be between 32ºF to 77ºF. Please make sure the air is dry, free of airborne particles, and take care to protect the product labels from deterioration.
  • If you do store outside, please keep the product covered from direct water and particulate matter.
  • Regularly rotate your inventory to keep it fresh and free of containments. Use your oldest supply first to maintain freshness. Make sure all tools and equipment that are used with the product are clean as well.

Sign up for our oil analysis program
At Greg’s Petroleum Service, we offer an oil and fluid analysis program to keep your lubrication supplies fresh. Our team can get you started with this program and teach you how to take samples, read laboratory reports and follow through on the recommendations for your fleet. The Delo® SYN ATF 668 transmission fluid is eligible for testing. It’s recommended that you sample this fluid when it is warm before draining. If you’re using this fluid in extreme conditions or weather, it’s recommended that warm samples are taken halfway between routine service intervals. Our team can help you determine your sampling schedule for all your oil analysis needs.

The big vehicles we rely on, like our school and transit buses, semi-trucks, and heavy-duty equipment, are meant to work. We need them to get the job done and to transport goods and people safely. On a cold winter’s day, the last thing you want is for a piece of equipment in your fleet to be out of commission and unable to start. That’s exactly the type of situation this new transmission fluid helps prevent. As your Chevron Lubricants Supplier, it’s just another great product from the Chevron and Delo team that we highly recommend to our customers.