A Thank You to our Front Line Heroes & Essential Workers!

The term 'Thank You' is not enough when it comes to expressing our gratitude towards the medical workers, who are front and center taking care of those affected by the COVID-19 virus. Heroes are not those who fly in the sky but are the ones who are by our side in difficult times. While the whole world is braving a pandemic currently, there are the coronavirus helpers that are not staying back at home comfortably but going out there and doing everything to fight COVID-19. They are putting their lives at risk to save others from the risk of infectious disease. Right from the medical workers, doctors, nurses, midwives, sanitation workers, police, firefighters, essential items providers, media personnel and everyone who is serving before self- we thank you!

There are also many essential services workers (including our warehouse personnel and drivers) that have a responsibility during the COVID-19 outbreak to continue operations, potentially putting their lives in danger through contracting COVID-19. Many of these people work behind the scenes without the general public realizing how essential they are to keeping society functioning.

So if you see a truck driver this week, please thank them. They are putting in long hours, under stressful circumstances, to ensure life’s essentials get restocked. Truck drivers are often taken for granted. But in times like these, we are reminded of their hero status.

A big thank you to each and every essential worker for putting yourselves on the frontlines so we can be safe and healthy. In times like these we see so clearly how important their work is to all of us. We will be forever grateful!