News you can use: Autoweek names Chevron’s Techron fuel additive a top choice

Are you driven to find the best products to maintain the life of the engine in your vehicles, machinery, and fleet? If you are, then you’ll be interested to learn more about the top choice of drivers, industry insiders, and experts to maintain engines, extend lifespan, and improve performance of vehicles.

Autoweek magazine recently awarded Chevron’s Techron fuel additive Top Honors in the Fuel Additive category as part of its Readers’ Choice Awards. The magazine is a leading publication for automotive enthusiasts, industry insiders, and readers interested in learning the latest about vehicle trends, finding helpful reviews, and information from auto shows.

The honor recognized that thousands of readers, longtime customers of Chevron and industry insiders, choose Techron first to care for the engines of their vehicles.

“Techron has been leading the way for decades in bringing to market superior, high-performance fuel additives for internal-combustion engines, and it’s incredibly rewarding for the brand to be recognized by the readers of such an authoritative, highly-regarded publication like Autoweek as their top choice among a very competitive field,” said Dave Schletewitz, Consumer Automotive Brand Manager North America with Chevron Products Company. “Chevron’s commitment to research and development is unwavering, so when customers and enthusiasts buy a bottle of Techron, we know they’re treating their engines with the absolute best. Thank you to Autoweek and its passionate readership for the honor.”

Here at Greg’s Petroleum Service, we know from experience as a fuel fleet service provider and distributor of products to maintain the life and performance of vehicles, equipment and machinery, that customers across industries prefer Chevron products because they offer superior benefits.

How? Chevron products set and maintain high standards for oil, fuel additives, lubricants, and more. For example, Chevron maintains a fuel cleanliness standard, called ISO Clean, to help owners stick to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) guidelines. Meeting those standards for cleanliness is one important key to avoiding preventable engineer damage and failure.

Chevron also offers a range of products designed to help owners protect their equipment, improve performance, and extend the lifespan of the vehicles in a fleet. Some of the products include fuel cleaners, fuel injection cleaners, and treatment systems for machinery operating in wet environments and corrosive conditions.

That’s one reason that Greg’s Petroleum Service, a commercial fuel delivery service provider and lubricants supplier, offers Chevron products along with the many oils and lubricants we offer to help our customers maintain their fleet.

We also offer chemical additives to help maintain equipment, handle commercial fuel delivery, cardlock fueling, and retail branding services. In short, we act as a resource for our customers in the agriculture, oilfield and gas industries, as well as owners maintaining vehicle fleets.

In addition to products and services, we provide information you need about latest standards, best practices, and industry trends. We have more than 50 years as a family owned and operated service, and we’re ready to put our experience to work for you.

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