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Many of our clients operate express lube and oil change services, and most feel frustrated at the lack of knowledge their customer base has about their vehicles.

A study of 2,000 Americans found that many were knowingly driving cars they knew needed repair work, and even more, were not confident in their ability to deal with a roadside emergency. Of those surveyed, 41% weren’t even sure what they were looking at when they popped the hood of their car, and only 33% were confident they could change their car’s oil.

It was once a common task in many households to perform basic vehicle maintenance, such as changing the oil and filling up the windshield wiper fluid. Now, most people prefer to leave basic maintenance to professionals, and when things go wrong, they sometimes wait until their car is about to break down before seeking help. In that same survey, nearly 54% said they felt intimidated when dealing with a car mechanic, and 4 in 10 said they actively avoid taking their car to a repair shop because they worry about cost.

The overall lack of knowledge can make it more difficult to communicate clearly with a customer about their vehicle’s needs and your maintenance recommendations. Customers don’t understand what works best for their vehicles. For the most part, customers indicate a greater concern about cost of the service, so they may forgo preventative maintenance options that could save their engines in the long run.

Havoline® has designed a program to help Havoline® Xpress Lube® operators, builders and installers provide better care for their customers. The Premium Product Bounce Back program is designed to offer financial incentives to customers who choose superior Havoline® products for their vehicle maintenance. These incentives will entice customers to use higher quality products that protect their engines and prevent costly maintenance in the future while helping customers save money. The incentive program will make it easier for Havoline® shops to demonstrate to their customers how these products are superior. These are the products featured:

  • Havoline® ProDS Full Synthetic Motor Oil provides excellent protection for modern engines with turbochargers and direct injection technology. These engines tend to run faster and hotter, which can cause carbon deposits to form, leading to engine knocking and other issues. This product helps prevent these build-ups and increases the efficiency of the engine.
  • Havoline® High Mileage motor oils are great for engines with significant mileage. Consumers are driving their cars for longer than ever before, and that can be very hard on the engine, especially in modern vehicles with direct injection technology. This motor oil helps protect against deposit formation and sludge while providing cleaning and seal conditioning agents to minimize oil leaks. It’s a great product to showcase to customers who want to keep their vehicles running for as long as possible.
  • Techron® Fuel systems cleaners are a must for preventative maintenance. When used every 300 miles, these products can help flush out and clean engines of carbon deposits and other silt and grit that accumulates. It will keep the engine running more smoothly and prevent future problems. All three Techron® fuel system cleaner products, including the high mileage and diesel system cleaner, are eligible for the program.
  • Delo® XSP Synthetic Motor Oil is an excellent recommendation for your business clients with heavy equipment machinery. This oil meets the 2017 greenhouse gas emissions standards, helps improve fuel economy and lowers C02 emissions. It helps to clean soot and deposits that form protecting pistons, rings, cylinders and other engine components to prevent maintenance issues.

How does the program work? It’s simple for you and your customers. When your customers come for service, recommend these products and encourage them to fill out an online claim. If they choose to use them for their service, they will receive a promotional check in the mail for their next service appointment. If they return to claim their check within 180 days of the issue date, they will receive a rebate on their service. The amount varies depending on the product.

It’s an excellent program for your business and your customers. They will receive superior products and see the difference they make in their vehicles. You will get repeat business from newly loyal customers claiming their rebate and be able to demonstrate how Havoline® products help to keep their cars in tip-top shape. Everyone wins.

You will be set up with promotional materials to help sell the program. There is even a Top Performer Incentive prize for the top three performers: an OXX COFFEEBOXX™ coffee dispenser. The promotion runs from March 1 to August 31, 2020.

Your customers are busier than ever and performing essential vehicle maintenance at home is no longer a priority for most. Instead, they turn to trusted experts to help them maintain their cars in the best condition. A little incentive can help you recommend exceptional Havoline® products that will work best for modern engines and help prevent future problems. Start signing your customers up today so they can see what Havoline® will do for their vehicle.

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