The State We’re In: How Oil and Gas Contributes to the Wellbeing of the Local Community

If you choose to live, work, and play in California, then chances are that you love our state and want to see the quality of life maintained. Speaking from the standpoint of a local business and member of the community, the whole team at Greg’s Petroleum Service wants that too!

So, this month we want to share some information about how the industry we’re in contributes to the overall quality of life, and how we’re striving to be a good neighbor as a commercial fuel and lubricant supplier in the California community.

We suspect that there’s quite a bit that people don’t know about the positive contributions oil and gas are making to keep up a high quality of life for people — friends, family, loved ones, and neighbors. For that reason, we want to share some of the facts about the ‘state we’re in’ with you this month.

In that vein, we’ve compiled a list of five things you should know about the California oil and natural gas industry. Full disclosure, we pulled our information from the California Resources Corporation, the largest oil and natural gas producer in California on a gross-operated basis.

Five Facts About How California’s Oil and Natural Gas Industry Supports Quality of Life

1. Local oil production supports our economy with a significant number of jobs and opportunities. Did you know that the California oil and natural gas industry supports nearly 368,000 well-paying local jobs? That amounts to number of families supported, who can put that money back into our economy when they buy other goods and services.

2. Jobs in the oil industry provide a path to the middle class, regardless of educational background. Consider that the average salary in our industry is $84,000 per year, even though approximately one-third of the workforce has a high school level education, or less. We provide solid jobs that support families comfortably.

3. Additionally, natural oil and gas revenues are taxed at a rate that provides billions in revenues that support state and local public safety and schools. That money supports the infrastructure families rely on in the community and provides opportunities for our future.

4. The local natural gas and oil industry supports the diversity of our community. California is ethnically diverse. Our industry not only reflects that but supports it to strengthen our neighborhoods. We offer opportunities that are unmatched in other industries. Consider that the industry local workforce is 29 percent Latino; 13 percent Asian; and 5 percent Black.

5. Our industry is a responsible member of the community concerned with maintaining air quality standards. Consider that between 1970 and 2016, the total emissions count of the six major pollutants dropped by 73 percent. That’s huge, when you consider that production, driving miles, and the population grew by 44 percent. We’re doing our part to be efficient and responsible, to maintain a high quality of life even as demand increases.

Are you surprised? Want to learn more? You can check out additional statistics provided here. As a commercial fuel service provider and lubricant supplier in California, Greg's Petroleum Service is a proud member of the local natural gas and oil industry.

We are proud to serve our customers with the information, resources, products and services they need to keep serving our economy and the people who live in California … and those that rely on our products and services across the country.

If you have additional questions, or want to know more, please feel free to reach out to us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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