This new Chevron engine oil is up to the test!

We want to showcase a new engine oil product that can be a game-changer for many of our clients. Recommending exceptional products that help our clients save money and improve fuel efficiency is a crucial part of our business.

Keep an eye out for this new product: Chevron’s Delo® 400 ZFA SAE 10W-30 engine oil. The research team at Chevron has designed another synthetic blend engine oil that offers superior protection for four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines.

To test the reliability of this oil, and the features that make it stand out, Chevron contacted a valued customer. Boaty’s Transport is a refrigeration company based out of Jackson, GA. They agreed to a field test of the new Delo® 400 ZFA SAE 10W-30 engine oil in one of their delivery trucks. The biggest concern they have for their fleet is to improve fuel economy and reliability for the delivery of their perishable goods.

Before we share the results of the test, here’s a quick breakdown of four-stroke engines. There are two main types of combustion engine designs—two-stroke and four-stroke. In a four-stroke engine, there are two piston strokes in each combustion cycle, a compression stroke and an exhaust stroke. A return stroke follows each movement. This process produces a total of four piston strokes each combustion cycle and is more efficient than a two-stroke engine. The fuel does not need to be premixed before entering the chamber, so the fuel burns faster and makes the engine more efficient.

This technology makes a four-stroke engine more efficient than a two-stroke engine, even though the engine weighs more. These engines offer higher torque and a lower RPM and tend to be a little quieter. Most modern gasoline engines use four-stroke technology because it is more environmentally friendly and provides better fuel economy. However, these engines are more prone to breakdowns because of all the moving parts, which can be expensive to repair.

Chevron Delo® 400 ZFA SAE 10W-30 oil is designed with the mechanics of a four-stroke engine in mind. Here are a few of the features that meet the demands:

  • Improved fuel economy of up to 1.3%
  • Exceptional deposit control to prevent resistance, improve thermal stability and minimize deposits on the pistons and turbochargers
  • Improved anti-wear, deposit and soot control
  • Better low temperature pumpability for cold starts and inclement weather driving

These features help provide superior protection in a four-stroke engine, especially in modern engines with turbochargers. These engines burn fuel faster and quicker, so they are more prone to deposit formations that can cause maintenance issues and wear down pistons and valves more quickly. The protection offered by this oil helps to reduce these buildups and reduce costly maintenance.

Boaty’s Transport relies on their trucks for efficient and fast deliveries. They deliver perishable produce goods with short delivery windows. For example, if one of their vehicles suffered a breakdown or delay while carrying a load of blueberries, which have a short shelf life, it can cost the business almost $100,000.

They used the oil for nearly 530,000 miles of deliveries on one of their trucks. Afterward, a full engine tear down was completed to see how the oil protected the engine components. The results showed clean rod bearings, pistons with little to no deposit formations and bearings that had no visible overlay. The technician even said she thought the truck could continue driving for well over a million miles of service! You can watch a video summary of the road test here.

Another added benefit of the oil test for Boaty’s Transport was the improved fuel efficiency and added savings. After the test, they reported a 2% improved fuel efficiency compared to the rest of their fleet. For a company that relies on its fleet so much, this was welcome news. Michael Boatwright, the owner of Boaty’s Transport, said switching to this oil saved his business $270,000 dollars in four years!

The best part about the Delo® 400 ZFA SAE 10W-30 oil is that it can be used in a wide variety of four-stroke engines. A whole inventory of vehicles can be serviced with this oil, which can save money, and time dispensing the oil. This product also comes with bumper to bumper warranty protection from the engine to the drivetrain to help cut back on maintenance costs even more.

Many of our clients are in the same position as Boaty’s Transport. They rely on their company fleet to operate. Vehicle breakdowns and delivery delays can cost a significant portion of their profits. Using engine oils like these from Chevron offer these companies the chance to save money and prevent costly maintenance, just like it did for Boaty’s Transport.

If you are ready to start saving some money on your overall operating costs, ask our team about this new engine oil and if it’s right for the vehicles in your fleet. Do your own road test and see what kind of fuel and operating costs savings you can get. It’s worth it to invest in superior products like Chevron’s Delo® engine oil. Order some today.