Why it’s best to use one fuel and lubricant supplier

The story of Greg’s Petroleum is one that we are proud to tell. Our business started in the early 60s when Harold ‘Greg’ Gregory started working at Ken Teague’s Standard Oil Distributorship. By 1963, he had bought the company, and then in 1984, he established Greg’s Petroleum Service. Like many local businesses, we’ve grown and evolved over the years. Now, Greg’s son-in-law, Ron Mariani, is our President and CEO. He originally started as a fuel driver, and now his son Greg is our General Manager! So, we’re a multi-generational family business!

Every business has a story to tell of how it came to be. We are proud of our story. It’s one of hard work, dedication, integrity, passion, and a sense of community. Over the years, we’ve formed strong partnerships with several local businesses as we’ve served the Central Valley California area.

Pete Hronis, Vice President of Sales, says this about working with our company: “Our father Jim Hronis started doing business with Harold Gregory from the start of Greg’s Petroleum, and since the beginning, we’ve always been well taken care of. Even during the fuel shortage of the mid-70s, when everyone was searching for fuel, our tanks were always full, and there was no interruption to our farming business. They are a dependable fuel and lubricants source – one of the main reasons we are loyal to Greg’s.”

Testimonials like that are why we love doing what we do. We love knowing that our expertise, knowledge, time, and dedication to our industry help us craft meaningful partnerships that help local businesses thrive. In addition, our loyal customers, like Hronis, Inc., have helped shape who we are as a company and the values that we strive to uphold.

Our customers can depend on us
One of the values we hold dear is dedication. We want to ensure that our customers know they can depend on us for their fuel and lubricant needs. The past year and a half have been tough during the pandemic as we faced the challenges that it has brought. However, we’ve worked hard to coordinate with our partners and customers to ensure that everyone’s fuel and lubricant needs are met. Our dedication to our customers is one of the reasons we recommend choosing only one fuel and lubricant supplier. The relationships we’ve developed with our clients help us to gain a strong understanding of all their fuel and lubricant needs. Because of that experience and knowledge, we can provide extra attention and detail to our customer’s orders.

You can trust our storage and handling practices
Another advantage of working with one dedicated fuel and lubricant supplier is trusting our storage and handling procedures. Our company invests significant time into storage and handling training and proper storage spaces. Clear storage rules and standards keep your lubricant and fuel supplies fresh.

We make it easy to establish a lubrication program
One of the ways we help guarantee product freshness and help maintain your equipment integrity is through our oil analysis program. Regular testing of your supplies can help your mechanics and equipment operators to devise a custom lubrication plan for all of your equipment based on how you use it and your business needs. A custom lubrication plan is a great way to cut back on equipment downtime and increase productivity. In addition, our ordering team makes it easy for your business to maintain your inventory and purchase records without having to correlate invoices from multiple vendors. We keep a large inventory of supplies on hand and can order any lubricants from our extensive supply network. If you want to make your billing and ordering process more straightforward, we can help.

We are certified as a Chevron 1st Source Elite Marketer
One of the aspects of our business that we are most proud of is our designation as a Chevron 1st Source Elite Marketer. This designation took plenty of hard work from our team. We underwent a rigorous review by Chevron to meet their standards. Inclusion in this program means that we are required to have expert knowledge of Chevron’s products and processes, in addition to our extensive training in the lubrication and fuel industry. We’ve worked with Chevron since Harold started this business, and we highly recommend their products and services as some of the best in the industry. Many of our customers who make the switch to Chevron products agree with us too!

Make us your dedicated fuel and lubricant supplier
If you’re considering a new fuel and lubricants supplier, let’s get in touch. We are proud to service the San Joaquin Valley and surrounding areas in California. Getting all your fuel and lubricants from one supplier may seem a little daunting at first, so we understand if you have questions for us. We have the answers you need. Don’t be afraid to ask us about our product inventory, storage, and handling protocols, delivery process, or our supply chain and partners.

We’ve been in this business a long time, and we have learned that the best way to service our customers is to be open and honest with them. Our sales team is happy to walk you through any questions you may have. One of our customers, Randall Carrol, President of Carrolls Tire Wirehouse, had this to say about his partnership with our company: “I learned early on in business that when you find a good supplier, you stick with them. Greg’s Petroleum Service has been that partner for us. Since 1996, Greg’s has kept us competitive in our market with quality Chevron products, and their exceptional service has helped support our company growth over the years.” We hope you will feel the same way!