Your fleet can go further with Delo® oils

Our lives depend on the work of truckers. We see that more than ever now. Food lines the shelves of grocery stores because of the efforts of truckers. Fuel is available to purchase because truckers haul it from refinery sites all over North America. Building supplies, equipment and nearly everything we use to run our lives and businesses were probably transported at one point by a truck. Truckers move more than 70% of all goods across the country. According to the American Trucking Association, that’s 10.8 billion tons of freight in 2017, or the equivalent of 30 pounds for every person in the country.

Despite how vital the trucking industry is to the country and our economy, many delivery and fleet businesses struggle. The highest costs for fleet operations are fuel costs, equipment repair and equipment breakdowns. Today’s large semi-trucks are more complex than ever, and these costs can add up quickly. One truck out of commission in a fleet can represent a significant loss of revenue for a company, and many fleet operations run on thin profit margins.

That’s why Chevron is so committed to helping trucking companies go further. Their Delo® brand heavy-duty motor oils meet the needs of modern heavy-duty engines. These motor oils have earned a long-standing reputation for durability and for helping keep trucks on the road and out of the shop.

See for yourself what a difference these oils can make. Try out the Delo fuel economy calculator. Simply enter your fleet’s information and calculate the savings your company could earn by making the switch to Delo® products. If the projected savings aren’t enough to convince you, watch the series of endorsements from some of the hardest working professionals in the business who use Delo® products.

Delo® 600 ADF with Omnixmax, a Chevron patented technology, is one of Chevron’s newest products. Formulated to provide protection to both the engine and the emissions aftertreatment system to deliver maximum system protection including:

  • Aftertreatment Protection: Chevron's ultra-low ash additive technology uses 60% less metallic components that can build up in aftertreatment systems and require costly maintenance and equipment downtime.
  • Drain Interval Extension: Utilizes a potent antioxidant system that prevents breakdown at elevated operating temperatures which otherwise limits engine oil life.
  • Fuel Economy Retention: A new and proven performance dimension that enables equipment to retain up to 3% more fuel economy performance, offering significant lifecycle cost savings.

Delivering maximum system protection, Delo 600 ADF reduces the rate of DPF clogging to deliver extended DPF service life (2.5x), industry redefining fuel economy retention, superior wear protection and improved oxidation stability.

If you want to keep your trucks running and save money on operating costs, it is time to make the switch to Delo® products. We’ve been supplying our customers with products like these for more than a decade, and they’ve seen the benefits.

The trucking industry is more vital than ever. We need the goods and supplies that move across our nation every day. Without this essential industry, so many other businesses would struggle. The average grocery store would run out of food within three days without the support of deliveries from trucks! Nearly every industry relies on the transportation of goods and services provided by semi-truck and trucking companies.

Chevron knows that, and that’s why they’ve created the Delo® oil lineup to help these trucks go further and stay on the road. As a lubricants supplier, we are proud to help provide these products to fellow businesses and show them what they can do for their fleets. Contact us to order your Delo® oil today!