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CFN network sites

Utilize our user-friendly site locator map to find the closest in-network fueling locations near you!

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Fleet FuelingWith 24-hour cardlock sites throughout the country, our fleet fueling service is both convenient and efficient. Our company gas cards come with itemized accounting reports that provide businesses with the information necessary to make data driven, money saving decisions.

Implementing a poorly controlled, inefficient fleet fueling management system can cost fleet operators hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars each month. Over a year's time, the cost can be staggering.

As a proven provider of high quality fleet fueling management systems including our company gas cards, our primary goal is to lower your Aggregate Fuel CostTM. Aggregate Fuel CostTM is the total amount it costs to get your vehicles fueled and employees back to work producing profit for your company.

We accomplish this by directing your fueling activity into our nationwide network of high speed, high control commercial fueling facilities. Since our facilities are dedicated to commercial fueling only, drivers don't have to waste time waiting in long lines to fuel. Our company gas cards also offer the highest level of transaction control and activity analysis.

Commercial fleets nationwide are learning that fleet fueling in congested, low control retail fueling environments can add as much as $.30 above and beyond the per gallon pump price. Many are enjoying substantial savings through our programs.

CFN provides the best fraud protection in the industry. They continue to add requirements to further enhance our company gas cards and improve their security controls to prevent fraud from happening to you!

As a member of our fleet fueling program, you are protected against fraud in a number of ways such as:

  • Network-wide protection against fraudulent transactions
  • Fraud protection notifications when unusual or suspicious activity is detected • Protection from card skimming and software attacks

In additon to these benefits, here are some other tips to prevent CFN loss and theft:

  • Do not write or leave pin number on your cards. This is easily the most common way fraud occurs with fuel cards
  • Stay informed and aware. Make sure you are always up-to-date on the most commonly used fraudulent practices including wanding, skimming and shimming
  • Keep track of critical information. Make it a point to know the potential use amounts of fuel for your vehicles, the patterns and habits of drivers and the typical charge amounts on your card
  • Put preventative measures in place. One easy thing to do is to purchase RFID blocking wallets or sleeves to prevent wanding. This sleeve comes with our card and we recommend having your drivers use it! Others include setting product controls and restricting card usage at certain times of the day
Fraud protection is one of the many advantages of using our fleet fueling program. You are also able to customize our company gas cards with your fueling requirements providing you with control by allowing you to set up profiles for your individual drivers, departments or your entire fleet. Setting up gallon limits and product controls gives you a handle on fuel consumption.
Our company gas cards are also extremely convenient as they are part of a network with more than 57,000 24-hour cardlock sites throughout the country as well as 24/7 access to your account information including easy access to invoices and statements, fuel usage reports, and more.
Commercial Fuel Delivery

Follow these step-by-step instructions to link our site locator map to your phone:

  1. Open your internet browser using Google Chrome on your computer or using your mobile app
  2. Login to your Gmail account
  3. From your Gmail homepage, go to www.gregspetro.com/services/fleet-fueling
  4. Click the STAR icon located above map, next to the header CFN Network Sites
  5. Make sure your GPS location is enabled on your device
  6. Go to Google Maps on your device
  8. Select the nearest fueling location
  9. Click on the car icon to get directions to the selected fueling location
  10. Congratulations, you’re on your way!