CFN Adds Requirement for Fraud Protection

Did you know that CFN provides the best fraud protection in the industry? That’s right – not only is CFN the first card purveyor in the industry to establish fraud protection for fleets but they are always looking for additional ways to prevent fraudulent activity from happening to you! That’s why CFN has added a requirement for fraud protection.

CFN is now automatically adding state restrictions to all cards. All accounts created prior to 03/15/2019 will be restricted to the state(s) that they “normally” fuel in. Meaning, if you used your cards in CA, UT, and WY during the analysis period (1/14/2019 through 03/15/2019), your account will automatically be locked out of all other states but will remain open to CA, UT, and WY only.

What this means for our current customers: Going forward, if you are going to fuel out of state, you will need to make us aware prior to leaving so we can activate that state. If you are going to stop using cards in a state indefinitely, you will need to inform us so that we can set the appropriate restrictions and set up a State Lockout. Once the State Lockout is added, the cards will not be able to be authorized in that particular state. If you are an older account and you have started using your fuel cards in a new state in the last three months, you will probably become restricted to that state since use would not have occurred during the analysis period. Accounts that were opened after 3/15/19 will be reviewed by our team to make sure your restrictions are placed appropriately.

For new customers: During the card ordering process we will need to find out which states you expect to use your fuel cards in so we can “unlock” those states only.

If you are an account that has no state restrictions set, you may be automatically disqualified for any fraud protection even if the fraud takes place in a regularly used state.

With this new requirement for fraud protection, it is important that you check your card’s restrictions to ensure there is no disruption to your service.

If you have any questions regarding this added protection, please feel free to contact Aryana Trams at or Tristan Regan at

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