Our Definitive Guide to Extending Drain Intervals

As a Southern California fuel and lubricant supplier, we are experts on the lubrication needs of our customers. One of the top concerns our customers often have is about drain intervals. Extending the time between drain intervals can save your business time and money because you can keep your equipment running longer. Many of our customers have a busy work season, and if they can hold off on equipment maintenance during these busy times, it can help them increase productivity and profits.

We’ve been sharing detailed information on some of the tools and practices we recommend for extending drain intervals on our blog. There’s a lot of good stuff to find there, and we highly recommend you give it a read. But if you’re looking for a quick breakdown of all our recommendations, we’ve compiled our definitive guide here. These are some of our top recommendations for extending drain intervals.

First, we have to say a word about Chevron products. We are a proud supplier of Chevron fuel and lubricants to our customers. We’ve seen the difference their products can make, and many of our customers do when they make the switch. These are two of our favorite Chevron products.

  • DELO 600 ADF 15W-40: This product is a fantastic lubricant for Tier IV final and 2017 greenhouse gas compliant four-stroke diesel engines. Vehicles with these engines run hot and often have deposit and soot formation issues, especially in the DPF filters. Cleaning and replacing a DPF filter is a time-consuming and expensive job. This oil offers several features that help increase your drain intervals and time between servicing the DPF filter. Read more in our blog on this great product!
  • DELO 400 XLE SAE 10w30: We love this product because it’s so versatile. The DELO 600 DELO 400 offers increased deposit control, improved fuel efficiency, and excellent DPF Filter protection. But the secret of this product is that it’s also usable for older engines, including engines that only meet the 2010 compliant low diesel engines and previous API oil service categories. Read more about this amazing product in this blog.

Chevron has even introduced Chevron ISOCLEAN lubricants to ensure you start clean and you stay clean, with requirements that these oils meet the Chevron ISOCLEAN™ standards. Chevron ISOCLEAN™ products meet OEM requirements set out by the International Organization for Standardization. In addition, they undergo precise filtration for cleanliness and product integrity after each filtration and are lab tested before being sent to the market. As a result, these products reduce the need for onsite filtering and eliminate the risk of over-filtering out important additives.

Chevron is so serious about lubricant cleanliness and reducing particle contamination that they’ve even created the ISOCLEAN™ certified lubricant calculator. This online tool uses three steps to determine your current ISO cleanliness code based on your industry type, equipment type, and storage environment. It’s a great tool that can help you determine how to keep your lubricant supplies fresh and protected from contamination.

Another tool we highly recommend for extending drain intervals is the Chevron oil analysis program Lubewatch®. This program is a great way to pinpoint exactly how to care for your equipment and stay on top of your maintenance and lubricant needs. It has six basic packages that test for various conditions and give you accurate information on your equipment maintenance needs. We offer this program to many of our customers. They’ve used the findings in their lab reports to create custom maintenance schedules uniquely designed for their equipment and how they use it. In addition, it can help prevent lubricant contamination and help you make sure that your lubricant supplies are fresh and working properly. If you are interested in the program, please call a Greg’s Petroleum Service representative, and we’ll help you get started.

These are just a few of the products and services that can help you extend drain intervals for your fleet. We know that reducing equipment downtime and maintenance is a great way to shore up your budget and increase productivity. We’re here to help support you, and we do that by offering quality fuel and lubricant supplies. As a Chevron 1st Source Elite Lubrication Marketer, we don’t just have access to Chevron products. We also can provide products from Chevron partners like Valvoline and Havoline. So if there is a specific product you are looking for, we can find it for you.

We know that a quality lubricant program is an important part of maintaining your business fleet and keeping your equipment running. For sixty years, we’ve served local businesses by providing them with the fuel and lubricants they need to keep their equipment running and their business going. Here are a few words from one of our valued customers, Carroll’s Tire Warehouse, about who we are. “When you find a good supplier, you stick with them. Greg’s Petroleum Service has been that partner for us. Since 1996, Greg’s has kept us competitive in our market with quality Chevron products, and their exceptional service has helped support our company growth over the years.” For us, that’s the best compliment we can get. But it’s not our only one. Another long-term customer, Royal Truck Wash, Lube, Tire & Repair, has this to say about our business: “With Greg’s Petroleum, we feel like we are always taken care of. They manage our inventory, are quick to respond when there is an issue, provide quality products and great service. Their recommendation for switching to Delo has helped make our company more successful. They’re a partner we can trust to make our needs a priority.”

Just like these customers, you can rely on us for fuel and lubricant supplies and knowledge. We can offer quality recommendations that help your business. We know that extending drain intervals is a great way to help, and that’s why we’ve invested so much time and energy into finding the best products and solutions. So if you’re ready to change up your drain interval and service schedules, give us a call and let us help as your local fuel and lubricants supplier.