Greg’s Petroleum Service at a Glance

Are you aware of all that Greg’s Petroleum Service offers to customers? Here at the beginning of 2019, we’re providing a quick “one stop shop” list of our services. Take a look and see if there’s something on the list that you need to have taken care of this year.

Whatever your resolutions, and whether you’re a long-time customer or just shopping around, we’re sure you’ll find resources here that will help make this your best year yet! Because, maybe it’s your goal to save money. Or, perhaps you’re looking to improve the performance of your machinery, equipment or fleet. Possibly, you need resources to help you answer questions, or find better products at a great price.

Below we’ve provided a quick list to bookmark and save. It’s by no means comprehensive, though. We encourage you to check out the links to our website pages to learn more about each of the services listed. We hope you find this information helpful!

Fuel, Oil and Lubricant Services

1. Fuel and Lubricant Services. Check out all that we have to offer and more.
2. Commercial Fuel Delivery. We’ll bring the fuel to you.
3. Fleet Fueling. Sign up for our fuel card program and start saving.
4. Oil Analysis. Did you know our team of experts will help you make the best decisions to protect your investment in your fleet, machinery, and equipment?
5. Remote Tank Monitoring. We offer state of the art technology to help you stay on top of tank levels to prevent run outs and the need for last minute deliveries.
6. Waste Oil Pickup. Are you up to date on the latest regulations? We’ll help you meet the requirements and take care of business.

Chevron Retail Branding

Do you own or operate a gas station, or want to get started? We offer both Gasoline Supply Service and Franchise Opportunities.

Lubricant Solutions

- Proud supplier of both Chevron and Valvoline products!
- VPS Chemicals, including transmission fluid and flush, brake fluids, and more.
- Food Grade Lubricants for agricultural and manufacturing purposes.

Other Equipment, and Automotive Supplies

- Paint
- Lubrication Equipment
- Cleaners
- Tire Seal
- Freon
- Silicone
- Absorbent Pads
- Tape
- Gloves and Rags
- Degreasers and Solvents
- And more!

Resource Materials

We have the forms, certificates, application materials that your business may need. We even have a handy savings calculator to help you learn more about how Greg’s Petroleum Service products and services can help you save at the bottom line.


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