Track your fuel with our fleet card

As Summer comes to an end and Fall begins, businesses and individuals alike are reflecting on not only the accomplishments of the last few months but also the cost. One of the important costs that gets reviewed is fuel expenditures. In many cases, this budget item is almost always higher than what you budgeted for, and that can be a difficult pill to swallow. We’ve found that there are a few reasons you end up paying more for gas than you think.

Price changes: The price of gas fluctuates by state, and so does the tax. If you don’t pay attention and seek out lower prices, you could be paying more at the pump than you think.

Convenience store purchases: If you step into the store for a quick treat or drink every time you fill up, it’s going to cost you money. The convenience store industry had over $242 billion in in-store sales in 2018. A GasBuddy beverage study also found that 65% of beverage purchases from convenience stores are impulse decisions.

As a business owner, you may have several vehicles heading out on trips every day. Tracking the fuel you have to pay for can be a complicated. You have to collect receipts, track mileage, and somehow make it all add up at the end. It’s a lot harder than tracking something like a summer road trip. But just like a fun road trip, you may find that you are spending more on fuel than you need to because of the same issues: price changes and convenience store purchases.

At Greg’s Petroleum Service, we want you to get the best fuel for the best price. That’s where the benefits of the fleet fuel card system come in. Our fleet fueling system will help keep your costs low and make it easier to track your fuel consumption. You will get access to 24-hour cardlock sites across the country — the best part about a card lock site is that they aren’t tied to convenience stores. You pull up, swipe your card, fuel your vehicle, and get back to work. There are no long lines, and you can save nearly $0.30 per gallon off the pump price. The savings will add up quickly. You can even link your site-locator map to your phone, so you don’t have to waste time trying to find the nearest location.

Once you’ve joined our Fleet Fuel Card program, we will also help protect you against any fraud. As a member of our program, you will have network-wide protection against fraudulent transactions and get notifications of any suspicious or unusual activity. You can set up profiles for individual drivers, and completely customize your fueling needs with product and gallon limitations. It’s a level of control that will make you feel like you are there every time an employee fills up their tank.

The best part of the fleet fuel card program comes through reporting. The metrics we provide make it easy to track fuel consumption and spending. You can create customized reports tracking your miles per gallon and costs per mile for every vehicle in your fleet. You can hop online and check your transactions 24 hours a day to keep on top of all your fuel spending.

Your business fuel budget shouldn’t look like a college summer road trip. It’s time to start tracking your fuel the right way while saving time and money. Cut down on wasted time, money, and gas by switching to our fleet fuel card.

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