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Fueling Business

Commercial Fuel Delivery

We provide bulk fuel deliveries of all grades of gasoline and all types of diesel fuel to sites throughout the San Joaquin Valley and surrounding areas.
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Lubricant Solutions

We offer direct delivery of premium lubricants made by Chevron and Valvoline.
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Fleet Fueling

Lower the total cost of keeping your fleet fueled and increase productivity. Sign up & start saving.
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Retail Fuel Branding

Become part of an iconic brand and gain trust with your customers by branding your fueling stations with Chevron and Shell.
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Automotive Lubricants and Chemicals

Our real-world experience has given us the understanding of what it takes to open, operate, and grow a successful automotive service business.
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Oil Analysis

Avoid unscheduled downtime, proactively diagnose issues, and increase equipment life by monitoring your lubricants on a regular basis.
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Remote Tank Monitoring

Order more efficiently and have inventory levels at your fingertips at all times.
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Petroleum Equipment

We can help provide equipment for fuel and lubricant storage and dispensation, such as tanks, pumps, nozzles, and more.
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Fill-Good Stories

Having Greg’s Petroleum Service as our fuel and lubricants supplier has changed the game for us. They have gone above and beyond for our company. From helping us get our bulk fuel tank up and running, to finding us a yard to park or trucks closer to a job site, they have done so much to save our company the most when it comes to fuel. I would recommend Greg’s Petroleum Service for their helpfulness and determination to help companies succeed.

— Natalie Elizalde, General Manager, Premier Valley Transport

Our father Jim Hronis started doing business with Harold Gregory from the start of Greg’s Petroleum and since the beginning we’ve always been well taken care of. Even during the fuel shortage of the mid 70’s when everyone was searching for fuel, our tanks were always full and there was no interruption to our farming business. They are a dependable fuel and lubricants source – one of the many reasons we are loyal to Greg’s.

— Pete Hronis, Vice President Sales, Hronis Inc

With Greg’s Petroleum, we feel like we are always taken care of. They manage our inventory, are quick to respond when there is an issue, provide quality products and great service. Their recommendation for switching to Delo has helped make our company more successful. They’re a partner we can trust to make our needs a priority.

— Sunny & Bobby Bassi, Owners, Royal Truck Wash, Lube, Tire & Repair

Proven Products


As a leading fuel delivery provider in the San Joaquin Valley, we supply bulk fuel deliveries of regular, mid-grade and premium gasoline as well as red and clear diesel.
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Using the correct lubricant can maximize the reliability and life of your equipment. That’s why we offer a premium line of proven, top-quality lubricating solutions.
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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

This liquid is used to chemically reduce NOx emissions from trucks and other equipment powered by diesel engines.
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Food Grade Lubricants

With FUCHS LUBRITECH’s comprehensive line of food grade lubricants, we have the right solution for your food processing facility.
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ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants

Lab-certified to be free from harmful particles, Chevron ISOCLEAN Certified Lubricants help reduce wear, resulting in longer equipment life and less unscheduled downtime.
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Valvoline Professional Series

Improve preventative maintenance services with these advanced technologies to protect systems and maximize operational life.
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Other Products

We provide all the automotive supplies you need to run your business including lubrication equipment, chemicals, cleaners, solvents and so much more.
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Fuel for Thought

Petroleum Services

We are dedicated to meeting your fuel and lubricant needs.

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